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avatar for Paul Teirstein, MD

Paul Teirstein, MD

Cardiologist, Founder - National Board of Physicians and Surgeons
avatar for Senator Bill Cassidy, MD

Senator Bill Cassidy, MD

R- Louisiana, Physician
Improving EHR's for Physicians
avatar for Kurt Eichenwald

Kurt Eichenwald

Senior Writer - Newsweek, Investigative Series on MOC and the ABIM
avatar for Alfred Gilchrist

Alfred Gilchrist

CEO, Colorado Medical Society
LIVE at Keystone: Colorado Medical Society Weighs In
avatar for A. Tomas Garcia III, MD

A. Tomas Garcia III, MD

President, Texas Medical Association, 2015-16
LIVE at Keystone: Standing Up for the Patient-Physician Relationship
avatar for Stuart A. Bussey, M.D., J.D.

Stuart A. Bussey, M.D., J.D.

UAPD President
Physician Unions in the Medical Industrial Revolution
avatar for Tim Norbeck

Tim Norbeck

CEO, The Physicians Foundation
LIVE at Keystone: Your Destiny is still in your Hands, but the Clock...
avatar for David Goldhill

David Goldhill

CEO of GSN, Author of
Why Everything We Think About Healthcare is Wrong
avatar for C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.A. (Hon.), M.D., FRCP, FAHA, FSCAI, FACC

C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.A. (Hon.), M.D., FRCP, FAHA, FSCAI, FACC

Founder and Chairman of the Board, WikiDoc Foundation
Democratizing Medical Education
avatar for Michael Koriwchak, MD, ENT Surgeon

Michael Koriwchak, MD, ENT Surgeon

ENT Physician, Health IT Programmer
LIVE at Keystone: IT Optimization and EHR System Alternatives
avatar for Craig M. Wax, DO

Craig M. Wax, DO

Family Physician - Host of Your Health Matters
LIVE at Keystone: Restoring Health Freedom - Summit Moderator
avatar for Kristin Story Held, MD

Kristin Story Held, MD

Opthalmologist, Co-Founder, AmericanDoctors4Truth
Physician, Heal Thyself
avatar for Josh Umbehr, MD

Josh Umbehr, MD

Family Practioner, Founder, AtlasMD DPC Practice
Independent Practice of Medicine: Alternatives to Corporate and...
avatar for John Goodman

John Goodman

Health Care Policy Analyst
How to Replace ObamaCare
avatar for Twila Brase

Twila Brase

Citizens' Council for Health Freedom
President and Co-Founder
avatar for G. Keith Smith

G. Keith Smith

Surgery Center of Oklahoma
Medical Director
avatar for Craig Fuller

Craig Fuller

Former President of NACDS, Former Chief of Staff for VP George H.W. Bush
Coalition Building to Build Influence
avatar for Richard Armstrong, MD FACS

Richard Armstrong, MD FACS

Surgeon, Treasurer, Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation
LIVE at Keystone: America’s health care “system” in 2015: How...
avatar for Marcy Zwelling, MD

Marcy Zwelling, MD

Internist, ER Specialist, DPC Practice
LIVE at Keystone: Who Owns Your Life?
avatar for Kurt Mosley

Kurt Mosley

Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Merritt Hawkins
LIVE at Keystone: Medical Practice in American: Past, Present,...
avatar for Geoffrey Wilson

Geoffrey Wilson

President - Physicians Organizing Committee
LIVE at Keystone: Organizing Collective Physician Activism to Defend...
avatar for Jane Hughes, MD

Jane Hughes, MD

Opthalmologist, Physician's Council for Responsible Reform
Now What?
avatar for Joel Strom, DDS MS

Joel Strom, DDS MS

Founder and Chair, Doc Squads
Politics Precedes Policy: Keys to Success Through More Effective...
avatar for John Tedeschi, MD

John Tedeschi, MD

Family Practioner, Lead Taking Back Medicine Day
The New Role of the Physician in the Changing Landscape of American...
avatar for Beth Haynes

Beth Haynes

Executive Director, Benjamin Rush Institute
Engaging Our Future Colleagues
avatar for Robert Sewell, MD FACS

Robert Sewell, MD FACS

Surgeon, Governor of American College of Surgeons, Author
LIVE at Keystone: Building a Coalition Around Our Patients
avatar for John F. Perry III, MD

John F. Perry III, MD

Serving America: How Enlightened Reform Can Turn Back the Socialist...
avatar for Venu Julapalli, MD

Venu Julapalli, MD

Gastroenterologist, Author
Beyond Health 2.0: How Uniqueness Holds the Key to the Future of...
avatar for Deidi Bergestuen, MD PhD

Deidi Bergestuen, MD PhD

Internist, Lung Cancer Survivor
Health Care in 2015: Perspectives of a Doctor Patient
avatar for Hal Scherz, MD

Hal Scherz, MD

Urologist, Professor, Former President of American Association of Pediatric Urologists
How Physician Advocates Can Connect with Other Doctors & Patients
avatar for Arvind Cavale, MD FACE

Arvind Cavale, MD FACE

Endocrinologist, Researcher, Instructor, Patient Advocate
Path Towards Freedom in Medicine-Lessons Learned From the Anti-MOC...
avatar for Alieta Eck, MD

Alieta Eck, MD

Internist, Former President of American Association of Physicians and Surgeons
How to change Bureaucracy
avatar for Parth Desai

Parth Desai

CEO of ICD-10 Charts, A free service for doctors
LIVE at Keystone: "Something Wicked Walks This Way: ICD-10 and the...
avatar for Rocky Bilhartz, MD

Rocky Bilhartz, MD

Cardiologist, Blogger
The Government Takeover of Quality in Medicine
avatar for Elaina George, MD

Elaina George, MD

Otolaryngologist, Host of Medicine on Call, Author‎ of
LIVE at Keystone: How To Bring The Joy Back To The Practice Of...
avatar for Lisa Chu, MD

Lisa Chu, MD

Physican Life Coach, Musician, and Visual Artist
LIVE at Keystone: Be The Change You Wish To See, One Thought At A...
avatar for Judith Thompson, MD

Judith Thompson, MD

Surgeon, Committee - United Physicians and Surgeons of America
LIVE at Keystone:
avatar for Daniel Craviotto, MD

Daniel Craviotto, MD

President, United Physicians & Surgeons of America, Orthopedic Surgeon
LIVE at Keystone: The Doctor Patient Relationship vs. the...
avatar for Michael Strickland, MD

Michael Strickland, MD

Internist, Committee Chair - United Physicians and Surgeons of America
LIVE at Keystone: If we are not Free, We are not American
avatar for Gina Melink, MD

Gina Melink, MD

Oncologist, Committee, United Physicians and Surgeons of America
LIVE at Keystone: What We Do for Our Patient